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AXXIS Centralized Control Box

The AXXIS Centralized Control Box is designed for Centralized firing of AXXIS Centralized Blasting Boxes. Additionally, it continuously monitors and has a dedicated uplink with all connected AXXIS Centralized Blasting Boxes underground and provides a real-time system status overview.

AXXIS Centralized Blasting Box

The AXXIS Centralized Blasting Box is specifically designed for the AXXIS CBS and is remotely controlled from the AXXIS Centralized Control Box installed on surface.


The AXXIS CBS Logger is a portable device that is used to read the UID and allocate delays to the AXXIS EDDs that will be used for blasting.

AXXIS Portable Control Unit

The AXXIS Portable Control Unit is designed as a portable blasting unit, in the event of the main unit being faulty, for controlled centralized firing of the AXXIS Centralized Blasting Boxes underground. The AXXIS Portable Control Unit is designed for controlled firing of up to 100 AXXIS Centralized Blasting Boxes.

AXXIS Detonator

The AXXIS detonator is a standard size detonator that will function in all standard sized boosters also used in non-electric blasting. AXXIS detonators use 2-core double insulated downline cables. Higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents make the detonator safer to use in all mining conditions.