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BME Mining Canada explosives & blasting technology JV gathers momentum

Just eighteen months since its launch, BME Mining Canada Inc has installed a dual salt emulsion explosive plant and is soon to construct a detonator assembly facility – spurring on its roll-out into the Canadian market. A joint venture between South Africa-based BME – part of the JSE-listed Omnia Group – and Canadian contractor Consbec Inc, BME Mining Canada Inc says it has been growing its local customer base and steadily expanding its product and service offering. According to its Vice-President Richard Walker, who is also Vice-President of Consbec Inc. -the new plant gives customers access to a dual salt and single salt product, either gassed or micro-balloon sensitised.


Are businesses ready to attract tomorrow’s investors?

The world has become rapidly alive to the threats posed by climate change, and mining companies are seeing their shareholders demanding more than just a financial return. Investors – both institutional and private – want their mineral portfolios to speak to their value systems, and these values now centre increasingly on sustainability and shared value for all stakeholders.


Enabling safer blasting in reactive ground

Sulphide-bearing ground presents numerous risks to users of ammonium nitrate (AN) based explosives, so blasting leader BME – part of the JSE-listed Omnia Group – has developed both the products and systems to manage safer blasting under these conditions.

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BME blasts its way to SA record

The blast was conducted by BME, an Omnia Group company, at the end of 2020 at a manganese mine in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Using its well-proven AXXIS electronic initiation system, BME was able to plan and execute a blast of 4,647 detonators. Just a few months earlier, the company had broken a previous record at the same mine by initiating 3,780 detonators in a single blast.


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