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Blasting Shows African Mines the Power of Positive Disruption

With great excitement for the upcoming Investing in African Mining Indaba in 2024, the theme of ‘positive disruption’ is significant, especially in the context of mine blasting and explosives. BME is at the forefront of developing new blasting technologies that will shape Africa’s future by focusing on safety, sustainability, and productivity.


BME’s smart, safe technology for loading blastholes

BME, a leading provider of explosives and blasting solutions, is transforming the mining industry through its smart technology innovations. The company’s mobile manufacturing units (MMUs) are now equipped with advanced automation features, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This integration of smart technology enables real-time data monitoring and analysis, optimizing the loading of bulk emulsion into blastholes.


Omnia Holdings and Hypex Bio Explosives Technology announce equity agreement and international strategic partnership.

Monday, 16 October 2023: Omnia Holdings (“Omnia”) announced today, a strategic partnership with Swedish-based Hypex Bio Explosives Technology (“Hypex”) and the acquisition of a minority equity stake in the company. Hypex is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable civil explosives solutions and has developed a ground-breaking emulsion using hydrogen peroxide (HP), offering substantially enhanced environmental benefits compared to conventional products.


BME Revolutionizes Quarrying with Viperdet MS Series Non-Electric Detonators

BME, a leader in mining solutions, has launched the Viperdet MS Series, an advanced range of non-electric detonators for the quarrying sector. Leveraging automated production lines and a certified supply chain, these detonators offer exceptional quality and reliability. BME’s investment in production technology, including robotics and artificial intelligence, ensures consistent and high-performance detonators that meet and exceed customer expectations.


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