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BME Australia is committed to being a trusted supplier of fully integrated blasting services, products and technology. We do this through partnerships and alliances that bring you measurable value.

Globally Connected. Locally Supported.

BME Australia is your trusted, local partner for fully integrated blasting services, products, and technology.

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Our mission is to provide you with quality blasting services and products that generate measurable results to help you achieve your goals.

We do this by partnering with you, to understand your business so that we can tailor our blasting solutions to meet your exact needs. 

Our local presence means we’re flexible, relevant and dependable. It gives us a thorough understanding of regional conditions, to provide you with practical solutions that deliver what they promise.

BME’s global company structure and ground-up approach to manufacturing offers you a secure supply and protects you from price volatility.

You’ll gain invaluable insight from access to our international team of experts and extensive world-wide experience and research and development.

What sets us apart?

Build local partnerships to overcome your specific challenges.

We work in partnership with you, to understand your problems and tailor our solutions to your needs. We are renowned for our expertise in remote and difficult territories. Our local presence means we can mobilize quickly in remote and challenging locations, making us agile and responsive to your needs.

Avoid price volatility and ensure you have a secure supply.

BME’s global footprint extends to 21 countries and 6 continents and includes a vast network of manufacturing facilities. Our procurement strategy levers local and global sources, to offer you efficient and secure supply. We develop our products and services from a raw-material level to further protect you from price volatility and supply shortages.

Get first-rate support from our international team of experts.

For over 3 decades, BME has invested heavily in research and development, and cultivated a wealth of experience across various territories. Partnering with BME connects your team with our network of global technical experts and our substantial knowledge-base. This ensures you get measurable results that are customized to fit your exact needs.

Evolve your business to achieve your ESG targets.

BME continually evolves our solutions to improve safety and handling, while minimizing environmental harm. Our products help you drastically improve your key mine measures, to improve your carbon footprint and sustainability score. Examples of this include our award-winning used oil initiative and esteemed Innovex solutions, which recycle and safely dispose of used oil.

What makes our emulsions better?

Dual-salt emulsion technology.

BME’s dual salt emulsion technology means that we are not solely reliant on Ammonium Nitrate or Ammonia for the production of our emulsions. This protects you from disruptive price volatility and costly supply shortages.

Award-winning used-oil recycling technology.

We utilize used oil in the manufacturing of our emulsions. This recycles the used oil and disposes of it through the blasting process. By using our products, you are contributing to the safe disposal of used oil.

Cold emulsion technology.

We offer a comprehensive range of bulk products, that vary in energy and density, to provide an optimized total cost of blasting.

Modular, mobile emulsion plants.

Excel in any terrain with our customizable modular emulsion plants. Our plants ensure supply security and can be adapted to meet your needs.

How we help:

We offer an extensive range of blasting solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Our 2023 offering:

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AXXIS digital initiation systems.

AXXIS was developed in-house by BME and is a fully integrated and easy-to-use advanced electronic delay detonator system. AXXIS helps you consistently achieve the best blast outcome, while keeping your team safe and reducing costs, inefficiencies and environmental harm.

Learn more about our AXXIS solutions >

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Blast Alliance Software.

BME’s integrated software portfolio. The Blast Alliance core brands are Blastmap, for surface and underground blast design, Xplolog for accurate hole and deck data capturing and reporting and the BME Blasting Guide App for quick block design calculations and verification.

Learn more about our Blast Alliance software solutions >

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Blasting wire, boosters, non-electric detonator equipment.

Enjoy superior blast performance through BME’s advanced safety and quality standards, highly-adaptable product options and reliable local manufacturing alternatives. We offer you flexible delivery options for the supply of initiating systems and blasting equipment with safe, consistent results. 

Contact our team for more information >

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Mobile manufacturing units and trucks.

Addressing the current market shortage, BME will offer our HA series of MMU trucks to Australia from mid 2023. Our Heavy ANFO MMU trucks are easy to use, developed with in-house technology. Our MMU’s cater for all surface mining and quarrying applications and can be modified to your needs.

Contact our team for more information >

2024 Offering:

1. Technical services:

By 2024 BME will offer Australia a wide range of service solutions that deliver measurable value through optimal blasts, by levering BME’s knowledge base and our best in class technology, products, and equipment.

Our technical services include:

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DTH (down-the-hole)

Our DTH services optimize the delivery of our emulsion explosives to blast holes, using our Mobile Manufacturing units. We’ll ensure that only fit-for-purpose products are pumped, to achieve improved and consistent fragmentation.

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PTLS (prime, load, tie and shoot)

BME will manage your full blasting operation, including safety and management services. We’ll provide the skills, guidance and resources to ensure that you attain the best blasting results. If your core business is not blast planning and execution, this is the ideal service for you.

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ROG (rock-on-ground)

Our experts will assist you from blast design to analysis, along with the required materials, equipment and skilled staff. This service includes a full value report – measured on fragmentation quality and volume of broken rock.

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M2M (Mine-to-mill optimization)

Our experts refine your blast designs for optimal fragmentation, blast movement and muck pile shape. You’ll benefit from improved loading, crushing, and milling rates. Our comprehensive reports on your entire mining process give you better management of downstream costs.

2. Local emulsion manufacturing plant:

BME has commissioned a local emulsion plant that will be available in Australia by the end of 2023. The local plant allows us to customize our emulsions to your requirements and ensure you have supply flexibility and security.

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