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For 9 years, our dedicated team have collaborated with our users to create the next generation of detonator technology.

Titanium is the culmination of our efforts.

It demonstrates that the right technology can help you consistently achieve the best blast outcome, while keeping your team safe and reducing costs, inefficiencies and environmental harm.

Our comprehensive technology range

Designed to serve the specific needs of a wide range of businesses and industries:


The latest generation of our flagship product, for large mining operations

Tailored for small mining operations that don't require large blast capability


Generation II

Our previous generation, fully programmable and suited for all blasting operations

Blast with the future in mind

We've raised the bar on safety, efficiency and sustainability to help you navigate a rapidly evolving market

The future of your team:

Robust, secure technology and certified, best-in-class safety features, for predictable outcomes that ensure your team stays safe

The future of your business:

Extensive reporting, full integration and global supply chain support, for the flexibility to continuously adapt and optimize your business

The future of our planet:

Reduced energy consumption and improved accuracy and capacity, for minimizing your impact and carbon footprint

1. The future of your business:

Quality, robust and reliable products and services

Choose quality and gain access to our extensive range of products, software and services.

Established brand with ongoing development

Our long heritage and dedicated team of experts assure you of ongoing product enhancements, security and support

A future-proof product roadmap

Collaborating with users on our product roadmap ensures we focus on the most beneficial features first and always add value to a rapidly evolving market

Proven results with all the credentials

Best-in-class technology, backed by results. Our products are rigorously tested in real use cases and fully certified and ISO approved

Dedicated manufacturing plant and supply management services

Avoid supply shortages and disruption and work with us to consistently optimize your product, supply and blast processes

Extensive offering

Manufactured by BME - an OMNIA Group company with a global footprint, to support you throughout the blasting cycle

Quick and convenient information, training and support

Our online Technical Data sheets and support portal connects your team with our experts and the latest information from any device

Accuracy and efficiency

A custom-designed, Swiss-engineered microchip has a huge firing range and improves on all of the most important criteria. AXXIS Titanium detonators fire at <1 milli-seconds at the full firing range of 35 000 milli-seconds and <15 micro-seconds at delays below 5000 milli-seconds.

0.0025% delay accuracy

For better rock fragmentation and consistency

Non-volatile detonator memory

Protects against dynamic pressures and isolates components from induced ground currents

Unique clock technology

Create blast simulations and apply complex timing vector and fixed delay timing designs

Inter-device and software integration

Seamless cloud, software and device integration boosts your efficiency, data, security and reporting

Multi-functional devices

Logger and blast boxes are multi-functional devices that can be assembled according to your needs

Initiate up to 20 000 detonators per blast

Access a huge firing range and reduce your power consumption

2. The future of your team:

Safety and security

Safety and security were given top priority in the design of the AXXIS Titanium system. Our system boasts dual capacitors and voltage for low-voltage logging. Two bases of safety for programming and testing safeguard you from misfires.

Triple redundant fire-switch technology

Our robust, encrypted blast command ensures detonators only react to the correct, encrypted firing sequence

Non-volatile detonator memory

Identify problems through our intuitive user interface and correct complicated blasting issues, directly through the portable logger


Protects against dynamic pressures and isolates components from induced ground currents. Withstands harsh mining conditions.

Resistant to electro-magnetic pulses

Shield yourself from lightening, static and EMPs that impact accuracy or cause your detonators to fail

Robust communication between protocols

Stay in full control of every detail and function, and get notified of potential intruders through the portable key logger

State Machine

Detonators and blast boxes have 3 states - inert, programmed and armed, reducing your time handling the device in the active state

3. The future of our planet:

Optimized to minimize environmental impact

BME’s technology innovation is closely aligned with the Omnia Group’s ongoing focus on sustainability, which prioritises zero harm and positive impact to build a better future.

Adhere to regulatory limits

Accurate blast design and initiation ensure you are operating within regulatory vibration control limits

Fine-tuned delay detonation accuracy

0.0025% firing accuracy for consistent and quality blasting, resulting in better rock fragmentation and consistency that reduces your environmental impact

Actively pursue sustainability targets

Our products help you drastically improve your key mine measurables to your carbon footprint and improve your sustainability score

Product ecosystem

Common Database and Compatibility​

Blast reports for clients | Data trend analysis for engineers | Invoicing | Business Management Reports
BLASTMAP Image 9 1 1


Blast design, Total planned explosives, Total planned holes, Total primers

26 AXXIS Titanium Logger Option 1 01 LR 1

Xplologger III

Actual charge quantities, Actual hole depths, Wet or dry, Charge timers

24 AXXIS Titanium Blasting Box Open 01 LR e1631186322519 1


Allocated timing, Detonator log file, Detonator manufacturing data


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Blast Performance

Loading rates, Crusher throughput, Fragmentation

53 Additional AXXIS Titanium Logger Square LR 02 01 2


Vibration, VOD, Hole diameter, 3D profiling data, UAV and survey data

Blastmap Underground 4 1 1 1

Wall Pro

Trim blast designs, Presplit Design

Axxis Silver Group Image Black e1643421618927 1

AXXIS Silver is a cost-effective solution for small-scale operations and quarries that don’t require large blasting capabilities. Find out more >

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