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AXXIS Smart Line-tester

The AXXIS Smart Line Tester is a small low current device that is used to test a surface line, and which has a number of detonators connected to it for leakage, current consumption, and functionality.

AXXIS Logger

The AXXIS Logger is a small, robust unit that is used to scan each detonator connector and allocate a delay period to that connector. The unit has a touch screen interface and a numeric keypad for entering detonator firing time values and connector IDs (should this be necessary if a connector has been damaged). The AXXIS  Logger can be used directly to programme delays by blasters, but can also be used in conjunction with BLASTMAP.

AXXIS Detonator

The AXXIS detonator is a standard size detonator that will function in all standard sized boosters also used in non-electric blasting. AXXIS detonators use 2-core double insulated downline cables. Higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents make the GII™ detonator safer to use in all mining conditions.


Complete blast planning, design and analysis software. Powerful, Easy to Use, Flexible, Accurate. BLASTMAP is software for designing blast timing for use with AXXIS. It is a powerful and modern software that allows design of the blasts from hole layouts to charge quantities, deck charging and blast timing.  Read more

AXXIS Blasting Box

The AXXIS Blasting Box can be used as a stand-alone unit with a blasting line connected directly to the detonators, or in a wireless configuration with two or more AXXIS Blasting Boxes.