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Breaking the Nitrate-Based Explosives Greenhouse: The Potential of Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion

BME, an Omnia group company, in collaboration with strategic partner Hypex Bio Explosives Technology, will present a paper on the benefits of hydrogen peroxide emulsion (HPE) in reducing atmospheric and aqueous pollutants associated with blasting. This presentation, “Breaking the Nitrate-Based Explosives Greenhouse: The Dawn of Production-Scale HPE for Industrial Blasting,” will feature at the upcoming 50th Conference of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) in the United States.


Advancing Mining Solutions: BME’s Commitment to ESG, Innovation, and Quality

Mining companies worldwide are increasingly focused on enhancing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. As part of this commitment, they are exploring new technologies and strategies that offer improved safety and environmental advantages. One such development in the mining sector is the use of dual salt emulsions in blasting operations. 


Blasting Shows African Mines the Power of Positive Disruption

With great excitement for the upcoming Investing in African Mining Indaba in 2024, the theme of ‘positive disruption’ is significant, especially in the context of mine blasting and explosives. BME is at the forefront of developing new blasting technologies that will shape Africa’s future by focusing on safety, sustainability, and productivity.


BME’s smart, safe technology for loading blastholes

BME, a leading provider of explosives and blasting solutions, is transforming the mining industry through its smart technology innovations. The company’s mobile manufacturing units (MMUs) are now equipped with advanced automation features, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This integration of smart technology enables real-time data monitoring and analysis, optimizing the loading of bulk emulsion into blastholes.


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