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Xplolog Data Logger

A mobile device for hole and deck data capturing

Integrates with BME’s Blastmap blast design software for blast designers to seamlessly export blast design files to Xplolog for hole and deck data capturing.

Blast plans can be accessed on-site via the Xplolog Data Logger. Actual blast information captured by the device can then be compared with planned values for you to make informed decisions, based on accurate information collected from your blasts.

Data collected on-site through the Logger device can be used with BME’s Blastmap blast simulation and prediction modules, to analyze and improve blast outcomes based on accurate data.

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  • Mobile phone or tablet device options available.
  • Comment on block, hole and deck level to provide more information if required.
  • List-view of all blocks in progress with a variety of block sorting options and pin-to-top functionality.
  • Select ALL layers or a specific activity layer, e.g. Drilling only.
  • Set tolerances across the activities in the blast design file.
  • Create a logline for faster capturing.
  • Block summary view of pre-blast status on a selected block and a graphical block design representation of hole positions indicating hole statuses like over and under drilled, charged and stemmed.
  • Recording of actual dipping (incl. first dipped), priming, charging, top up and stemming values while displaying the original planned value with the deviation to the user.
  • Real-time data syncing to a cloud-hosted database over GSM or Wi-Fi.
  • Display the status whether a hole or deck is correctly, over or under drilled, charged or stemmed.
  • Leverage cloud-computing to recalculate values when actual data deviates from planned values.
  • Add and delete unplanned holes to a designed blast.
  • Block search functionality.

Xplolog Online Reporting Dashboard

For data analysis and custom reporting.

BME’s reporting dashboard makes use of a secure cloud hosted database for Senior Management to view data and reports in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

Hole and deck data captured by the Xplolog Data Logger is accessible in real time on the Reporting Dashboard website.

The dashboard allows your team to pro-actively monitor, react, identify and rectify issues in the field – if and when they occur.



  • Import design data from any blast design software through the import wizard.
  • Real-time view and monitoring of the block progress.
  • Block list view with real-time progress indicators for each block. Customise the columns you would like to see in your block list view.
  • Quick overview dashboard on each block to view in real-time holes and decks progress.
  • Graphical view of the block with legend to indicate different hole and deck states for dipping, priming, charging, top up and stemming.
  • Showing alerts and action required per hole and deck for pro-active correction.
  • Access to accurate charging information for invoicing and auditing.
  • View online or download predefined or custom reports.
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