BME technical services [photo] 

Technical services

BME’s technical division, Blasting Sciences, is involved in researching and developing modern blasting techniques and technologies to bring more value to your mining operation. The Blasting Science department consists of experts in engineering, physics, mathematics and geology as well as AXXIS field specialists who provide advice and assistance for optimizing your blast results.

We provide a wide range of technical services from routine blast monitoring using modern equipment and software to advanced consultancy and optimisation projects. Our leading design software, including BlastMap III™, and our AXXIS Digital Initiation System provide the advantage in achieving cost saving initiatives in blasting. The aim is more wealth for you through improved efficiencies from blasting optimally. Examples are:

  • Reduced ore dilution and finer fragmentation for increased mineral recovery and higher plant throughput rates.
  • Improved wall quality and potentially steeper walls for reduced waste mining and longer life of mine.
  • Up to 25% higher rates of ore exposure using effective timing designs and accurate AXXIS electronic detonators.
  • Single-pass multiple seam mining using advanced timing designs and AXXIS electronic detonators.

Our main services include:

  • Down-the-hole full blasting services
  • Blast consulting, auditing and monitoring
  • Blasting software
  • Mine-to-mill optimisation
  • Fly rock control
  • 3D profiling
  • Fragmentation evaluation
  • Drilling & Charging monitoring software


BME’s team of highly qualified and experienced blasting engineers provide the best advice for any blasting problem from vibration control through to complex blasting designs. Our BlastScience team has access to a wide range of modern monitoring equipment for measuring blasting dynamics, including seismographs, high speed video cameras, fragmentation analysis systems, face profiling equipment and auditing tools. We also provide leading design software (BlastMap III™) and have access to a full range of analytical software applications. Our team of experts can be called on at any time to solve any blasting challenge, underground or on surface.

Detonator technical support

We are proud to be the leader in the application of precise electronic delay detonators in all types of blasting. Consistently successful results that we have achieved for our clients include: 

  • Fragmentation modification 
  • Rock displacement control (heave control) 
  • Grade control involving complex blast timing 
  • Wall control 
  • Vibration and air blast control 
  • Specialist applications such as demolition blasting, very large blasts and coal loss containment 

Our team of trained field specialists assists in guiding and training clients in the use of our AXXIS™ Digital Initiation System and can also undertake a full timing design and detonator application service if needed.

Through our R&D in Blasting Science and our development of industry leading software and blasting products, BME provides a valuable service to our explosives clients.