BME packaged explosives [photo] 

Packaged explosives

BME’s packaged products are manufactured in our world-class production facility and are supplied to mining, quarrying and construction sectors throughout Africa.


  • Megamite™

    Megamite™ packaged explosives provide reliable blasting solutions to hard rock mining, quarrying and construction applications. The emulsion has a firm rheology and is packed into plastic sleeves of various dimensions. The Megamite™ product range offers various high energy options and can be supplied in a number of different lengths and diameters. Please contact the BME representative for customisation of packaging.

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  • PANEX™

    PANEX™ is a blend of porous ammonium nitrate prill and fuel oil. PANEX™ is a free flowing blasting agent used in dry blast holes. PANEX™ is oxygen balanced to offer optimal energy and it is suitable for small, medium to large diameter holes. PANEX™ is not suitable for use in wet holes.

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