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Blastmap Surface

Surface blast planning, design and analysis software

This powerful tool allows the design of the blasts from hole layouts to charge quantities, deck charging and blast timing.

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  • Import survey data for blast block geometry, holes and surfaces.
  • Ability to import pit surfaces and triangulate hole collar elevations.
  • Import wizard to import any .txt or .xlsx data file from third-party software.
  • Design a blast from scratch, generate patterns, specify hole diameters and depths, add explosives, and initiation timing.
  • Specify rock types and layers. Ability to add any explosive and rock type to the program database.
  • Optimized for use with AXXIS electronic delay detonators. Import/export AXXIS electronic delay detonator IDs and design timing.
  • Supports electronic and non-electric timing designs.
  • Calculate charge and timing designs, based on actual hole locations.
  • 360 degree view of the blast design in 3D.
  • Import or export planned data to Xplolog’s hole and deck data capturing software.
  • Calculate costs and quantities based on actual drilling and explosive loading information.
  • Reporting capabilities for blast design and communicating critical design issues such as costs, quantities and energy.
  • Powerful contouring capabilities for blast timing, surface and floor elevations, vibration maps and energy distribution in a blast (multi-screen display capability).
  • Export design information to a .csv file. This allows for integration with 3rd party software such as drill navigation software for drilling according to the design.
  • Multiple explosive deck loading and timing capability for designing specialized blasts, such as multiple seams, through seam, stratified rock, and environmental control.
  • Blast analysis tools for initiation timing contours, burden relief time, and hole firing sequence simulation.
  • Wave interference model to optimize timing for either vibration control or optimal fragmentation.
  • Fragmentation models to predict blast fragmentation distribution.

Blastmap Underground

Software for underground tunneling operations

Design tunnel shape geometries with precise grid measurements for accurate hole position placement. Designs can be viewed in 3D to ensure dimensional compliance.

Predictive models like fragmentation prediction, costing, blast timing analysis, and simulation will help guide engineers to improve their designs to achieve their desired blast result.


  • Design any block shape.
  • Create cut design.
  • Perimeter hole design.
  • Add cost and quantities to predict blast expense.
  • Create and view technical reports.
  • Do hole timing analysis.
  • Manage contouring.
  • Calculate vibration prediction.
  • Calculate fragmentation prediction.


  • The time previously required to design a blast is eliminated.
  • Better predictability of blast results.
  • Improved dimensional compliance and hanging wall control.
  • Simulation and displaying of blast timing and connecting sequence prior to blast.
  • Improved stock management through precise explosive mass and timing sequence per blast hole.
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