Our prestigious products cater for every stage in the explosives supply chain.

AXXIS Blasting Box

The AXXIS Blasting Box can be used as a stand-alone unit with a blasting line connected directly to the detonators, or in a wireless configuration with two or more AXXIS Blasting Boxes.

AXXIS Logger

The AXXIS Logger is a small, robust unit that is used to scan each detonator connector and allocate a delay period to that connector.

AXXIS Smart Line Tester

The AXXIS Smart Line Tester is a small low-current device that is used to safely test a surface line, and the detonators connected to it, for leakage, current consumption, and functionality.

AXXIS Detonator

The AXXIS Detonator is a standard-sized detonator that functions in all standard-sized boosters that are used in non-electric blasting.



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