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December 2022
We here at BME are immensely proud of the hard-working miners at Gamsberg Mine in South Africa, who have achieved an incredible feat of over 1 million accident-free hours! This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the team’s commitment to making safety a priority and embracing BME’s Safety for Life initiative. From the last Lost Time Injury in April 2015, the team has worked diligently for over 2,648 days to achieve this incredible milestone. This feat was celebrated in style with a commemorative braai and gift packs for the 66 workers involved. It was a great opportunity to recognize their dedication and hard work in ensuring that everyone stays safe while on the job. We cannot overstate how proud we are of the team at Gamsberg Mine for setting an example for everyone at BME. Congratulations to everyone involved in this milestone, and we look forward to more impressive achievements in the future. Click here to read more about our mining safety operations: #safety_culture #mining