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December 2022
BME Gamesburg Celebration Posts. WIth click through to full article. On Wednesday the 14th of November, the Mine Safety Department and Management Team at BME surprised 66 workers at Gamsberg Mine in the Northern Cape, South Africa with a commemorative braai and gift packs.The Safety Day was a celebration of the team's collective efforts in saving over 1 million LTI (lost time due to injury hours).On 31 October 2022, the BME Gamsberg team boasted a formidable 2 648 LTI free days. This represents an impressive 1 063 592 man-hours of effort - a commendable achievement!The team achieved this significant milestone by being conscious of safety as part of day-to-day tasks.This is supported by BME's Safety for Life initiative, which educates and promotes safer mining practices.A great time was had by all, and the Gamsberg team are eager to continue adding valuable LTI hours by focusing on areas where safety can be enhanced.Well done to the team at Gamsberg!You set a fantastic example for everyone at BME and we look forward to honouring more achievements with you in future.