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Underground Emulsion Technology

BME combines its specialised underground emulsions with state-of-the-art explosive delivery technology – recently pumping its Megapump double-salt emulsion almost 320 metres vertically down into a local gold mine. This is the first time that emulsions have been pumped to this depth, and it is proving to be a revolutionary concept for underground mining efficiency.

Pumping emulsion vertically from surface to underground saves costs, relieves congestion at the decline shaft, and streamlines the safe passage of emulsion to stopes and development ends. Through our work on this project, we now know that we will be able to deliver this solution to much greater depths. 

Bulk emulsion explosives have come a long way since BME introduced double-salt cold emulsion products into South Africa in 1984, and our ongoing research and development now allows us to customise emulsions to suit the specific needs of mines – be they opencast, mechanised, uphole, or narrow reef operations.

Our current range of products includes:

  • HEF 206 and 207 – these emulsion blends are a mixture of HEF emulsion with porous ammonium nitrate prills, formulated for surface mining and quarrying applications;
  • Heavy ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil) – formulated for dry hole applications, ideally for dry-holes with a diameter larger than 120mm;
  • PGAN (porous granular ammonium nitrate) – mainly designed for ANFO, heavy ANFO and emulsion applications;
  • Megapump – a booster sensitive bulk emulsion product designed for use in underground applications; and
  • HEF 100 – a boost-sensitive bulk emulsion designed for opencast mines.

Information technology

BME remains a global market leader through a continuous process of research, innovation and collaboration, dedicated not just to providing clients with the best products, but also to contributing to the development of mining as a science. 

BME is your global blasting partner.

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