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BLASTMAP™ III is a design programme that has been developed through a number of generations by BME for our clients and our own blasting engineers. It is a powerful tool for blast planners who routinely need to design each blast in a mining operation.


    Complete blast planning, design and analysis software. Powerful, Easy to Use, Flexible, Accurate. BLASTMAP™ III is software for designing blast timing for use with AXXIS. It is a powerful and modern software that allows design of the blasts from hole layouts to charge quantities, deck charging and blast timing. Read more

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  • XPLOLOG™ Pump Controller App

    The XPLOLOG™ pump controller app is there to complement the XPLOLOG™ pump controller that monitors and controls the delivery of emulsion from the charging vehicle to the face. The XPLOLOG™ pump controller stores all operational data inside the unit, assuring that all emulsion delivery information is available for processing.

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  • XPLOLOG™ Surface

    BME knows how important it is to gather blasting information in the field so that management can be presented with real-time data to make informed decisions about blast preparation quality. This information, when presented through the XPLOLOG™ reporting applications, allows management to react to problems in the field when they occur, rather than only being aware of problems when there is a bad blast outcome.

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  • XPLOLOG™ Underground

    BME knows how important it is to plan and measure the effectiveness of blasts therefore created a mobile data and image capturing solution for underground mines. Information is collected using an Android application running on a rugged mobile handheld device. These devices are easy to use and will sync readings and photos to a centralized database whenever they get in range of a Wi-Fi network.

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  • XPLOLOG™ Wireless Remote Control

    The XPLOLOG™ device is a rugged, portable, camera-enabled device ideal for use in an underground mining environment and forms part of the XPLOLOG™ information system. The device is intended to simplify the underground data capturing process and improve accessibility to information.

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